Our Cambodia Mission Team: Melissa Baz, Adam Heath, Roni McCurdy, David Mateskalla, Morgan Gallatin, Chris Kelley, Heather Eschbach and Brian Webb (Not pictured: Mike Smith).

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Cambodia Mission Trip, July 11 -22, 2017


Hello! We’re Here!

It’s impossible to capture in words the sights, smells, sounds and feelings experienced while serving in global missions. Our team has been in Cambodia for only a few days and we’ve already accomplished so much. We’ve had the opportunity to invest time in our kids at Prek Eng 3 playing games, talking, singing and sharing a meal together. But more important than anything else, we’ve had the opportunity to encourage the kids and their house parents, Savong and Pisey. Everyone at Prek Eng 3 expresses their love without reservation and it’s been our joy to do the same. We’re looking forward to sharing more time with them in the coming days.

We’ve also had the opportunity to connect with the leadership of New Life Fellowship both in Phnom Penh and in Chbar Mon, which is the town where they’ve recently planted a church led by Pastor Sary Chea. While in Phnom Penh we attended an orientation class explaining their vision and discipleship practices. Perhaps what was most inspiring is how intentional New Life is at engaging the Cambodia culture through seven distinct spaces… religion, relationships, education, business, government, arts and technology. In each of the spaces they are training up and releasing leaders and disciple makers. It’s a privilege to be partnered with a Cambodian church that is on the forefront of transforming the Cambodian nation for Christ.

We have spent the past two evenings with Pastor Chea and his community. It’s wonderful to be able to serve these charming and passionate people. Whether it was english conversation class or an outreach gathering with the youth, sharing in an equipping space with the core leaders, or simply walking around the neighborhood with Pastor Chea praying for his neighbors, we’re overjoyed to be worshipping Jesus together.

A quick word to the wise. If you’re going to be ambitious about expanding your Cambodian vocabulary try to do your best to make certain you know what you’re saying before you run around saying strange things to the people around you. For example, try not to be person that gives a thumbs up to people and exclaims “underwear!”, rather than saying “good job!”. The Cambodian people are so polite… they’ll let you put your sandaled foot in your mouth over and over again…

We have several more days ahead of us and plenty of opportunities to serve and love the kids at Prek Eng and the people of New Life Fellowship. Pray for us and pray for the people of Cambodia. The Lord is doing amazing things in this country.

~ Chris Kelley