To know Him, to follow Him, to lead others to Him.

Together, with all believers everywhere, we strive to introduce Jesus to everyone, one person, one community, one city, one country at a time.


Knowing Jesus
Our Alignment to God
in Jesus.
(Eph 2:8-9; Rom 3:21-28)


Following Jesus
Our alignment to others
like Jesus.
(Mt 5-7)


Being Jesus
Our alignment to the
unchurched for Jesus.
(Mt 5-7)

Vista began as a “church plant” out of Heritage Christian Church in Westerville, Ohio. The concept originated as we considered what God wanted us to do with the unprecedented growth at Heritage – it seemed as though we should do as we’ve taught our children – share. Additionally, there were quite a few folks from the northwest side of town who were making their way across town to attend Heritage. It seemed to make sense that we might start a gathering of folks in their own neck of the woods.

We started Vista Community Church with a group of nearly a hundred from Heritage, but our first service at the Dublin Rec Center, on Jan., 21, 2007, had more than 200 in attendance. Those came mostly as a result of the personal connections the Vista team had.

As a result of God’s movement and blessing, we opened our second site —Vista Worthington in October, 2011 and our third site —Vista Hilliard in September, 2015.  We are thrilled at what God has done in and through us since our inception — we hope to be a blessing in the communities we serve as we worshipfully, relationally, missionally share the gosepl with those who don’t yet know Jesus.