Mindy Sherry

In this video, Mindy shares how God is connecting her with Somali women living in Columbus by developing their English language skills.

Amy Proctor

In this video, Amy shares the vision God gave her nine years ago to create a resource ministry for families in need.

Amy Proctor + J. Jireh Ministries

Sunday, October 25th, Reverend Brown asked God to help him get living room furniture for one of the four men's homes he supports. The next day, he received a call from Amy Proctor. The pairing of ministries couldn't have been more timely.

The House In Whitehall

On October 25th, Amy received a call from a friend who was buying a house in Whitehall. Since the house was full of furniture, she asked if Amy wanted it. At first, Amy was hesitant because of the limited space in her garage. However, she remembered J. Jireh Ministries from the message she watched earlier that day. She told her friend about J. Jireh Ministries and Reverend Brown's message.

The Phone Call

The following morning, Amy called Reverend Brown to share information about her resource ministry. She also told him about the house full of furniture in Whitehall. Reverend Brown was extremely interested.

The Collection

Amy met Reverend Brown, Darnell (the husband of Stephanie in his Relevant message) and Marvin at the house in Whitehall the next morning. They loaded up Reverend Brown's truck and trailer and Amy's minivan with a sofa, loveseat, chair, bed, table and eight chairs, suitcases, coats, blankets, and other small items.

The Connection

The team brought some of the things to J. Jireh Ministries. Then, they took the living room furniture to one of Reverend Brown's four men's homes nearby. Amy also connected Reverend Brown with Bloom: A Free Store to help a family he's supporting with baby supplies. The two of them had a great time talking about the Lord and how He leads their ministries.

Another Blessing

One of Amy's BSF group members has maintained a face mask ministry since the pandemic began. The Sunday Amy spoke to Reverend Brown was also the day her friend brought her 50 masks. Amy gave all the masks to J. Jireh Ministries. Reverend Brown was blown away.

Watch Reverend Brown's Relevant Message

Melissa Baz

Melissa shares how God has connected her with local and global nonprofits to provide clothing and hygiene items to people in need.

Brian Webb

Our Care + Connections Pastor, Brian Webb, discusses his involvement with Vista's COVID-19 Crisis Care Team.

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Phillipians 2:13