Marriage In Hurtful Times – Real Hope for Real Life

May 19 6:30 - 8:00 pm  |  Vista Community Church

Vista Community Church, Worthington Galena Road, Worthington, OH, USA

Relationships = complicated. Don’t you wonder why this isn’t spelled out for us before the wedding ceremony? Perhaps it is, but we don’t really see it until we are some years into marriage. Whatever the case, marriage is one of God’s wildest ideas and it is an amazing space of consecration, closeness and confusion. And there is not one marriage that doesn’t contain hurt. We will spend time during this night receiving God’s hope and help in the face of all the bliss and brokenness of the marriage vows we made. Come and receive loving comfort or correction, encouragement or exhortation – knowing our God, there will like be plenty of all of it!

Real Hope for Real Life is a three-part, Life-Equipping, community event sponsored by Vista Community Church.  Life-Equipping is designed with a focus on those areas of life where we could all use a little support and encouragement.  The topics will be relevant, the help will be practical and the reach will be broad.  Life-Equipping isn’t for the church alone but is intended to be a bridge and a bond for the church and community … it’s intended to be a way to love and serve our communities!  Life-Equipping provides an opportunity to address the issues and topics each of us face woven through the hope of the gospel!

Read more about our amazing speaker, Dr. Tammy Smith, on her website.