How Would You Prepare For Dinner With Jesus?

This two-week sermon series begins March 21st.

Think about your home for a minute…how do you prepare your home for a guest’s arrival? What steps do you take to prepare your house and yourself?
Let’s take it a step further…what if you received a call or text informing you that Jesus would be coming over for dinner in just a few weeks?
  • What steps would you take?
  • Would you tell anyone?
  • Who else would you invite?
  • What questions would you ask?
  • What would you change before he arrived?
  • What questions do you think he may ask you?
Dinner with Jesus would be a heart-changing, life-altering encounter! Any encounter with Jesus is life-altering.
We’re quickly approaching Easter. We celebrate the most miraculous event in recorded human history. With awe and wonder, we recount the moment when Jesus was raised to new life, we learn about the pivot point of hope and we recall the first step out of the tomb that continues to transform lives over 2000 years later.
Jesus is on His way and He wants to meet with you. Are you available to meet Him?

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March 28th: Different Than Me
  • Luke 10:38-42, 19:8
  • Matthew 22:8-10
  • John 2:9-10

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