“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up,
just as in fact you are doing.” 
– 1 Timothy 4:12

We invite our students to be a part of Sunday morning with their parents and friends.  We see Sunday morning as a time of worship and equipping, regardless of age.

Our Dublin campus supports a high school Lifegroup that meets every other Sunday afternoon to go deeper into God’s word, pray, ask questions and build community. Students who attend any of our Vista Campuses are invited to join in.  This High School Lifegroup is led by Matt & Steph Sims.


We believe the church is healthier when it’s thinking “outside” rather than “inside.”

July 16-23, 2017, our high school students took a week-long mission trip in partnership with the Appalachia Service Project. Questions? Contact Matt & Steph Sims.

High School Mission Trip: July 16-23, 2017

JULY 16-23, 2017: The team will be working with ASP (Appalachia Service Project) in Rainelle, WV. They will be part of a hundreds of volunteers working together to “Rebuild Rainelle”.  Much of this town was destroyed due to extreme flooding in June 2016. ASP works with low-income families to repair and rebuild homes, but most of all they bring with them Hope.

Thank you for your prayers and support!
Matt & Steph Sims leading the trip.
Michael Silvestri
Brian Graham
Silas Bosh
Josh Wenger
Preston Streator
Ryan Burkett
Calsey Graham
Destiny Proctor
Emily Boothe
Meghan Wenger
Gabby Proxmire
Ellie Suarez


High School Mission Trip: July 2017

From the Team:
It is difficult to put into words all that the Vista High School group experienced in Rainelle, West Virginia, serving as part of Appalachia Service Project’s efforts to rebuild the small mountain town. A little over a year ago a flood devastated Rainelle, in which some lost their lives and many more lost their homes and some or all of their possessions.  Our group worked on repairs for a homeowner whose previous home was badly damaged in the flooding. It was amazing to see the marks left on the walls that corresponded to the water level during the flood, some 3ft up, and this on a home sitting elevated off the ground! It was estimated that water levels reached 10 or 11 ft. in some areas of the town during the flood. During the week, the tasks before us proved to be challenging and the labor exhausting, but great joy was experienced and community formed serving alongside new friends to benefit those in need. In our short time, the group was able to finish much of the inside repairs, including drywall repairs, door and window frames, wall trim, and priming. In addition, the outdoor crew completely finished the construction of a new back porch. It was quite rewarding to visit with the homeowner, hear her recount the difficult experience of the flood, but then listen to her dream about how one day she would use the new home and outside area to host her friends and family. There were many “God moments” this week, but above all it is clear that Jesus is faithful. He is faithful in the flood, the times when we are at our weakest and need Him most, and it is a great privilege to serve Him. Thank you Vista for all of the support and for a wonderful experience for our High School students and leaders!