Staying still enough to hear the still small voice…

Join us for the RUTHLESS ELIMINATION OF HURRY all-church study beginning February 26th.

Imbued with a deep sense of its value, human beings have always marked the passing of time, but we have not always been in such a hurry. What began with, “it was evening and morning the first day”, has become ever tightening news cycles, a blurring of the workday with one’s personal life, and a strong sense that our value is tied to what we are able to produce in our ever lengthening waking hours. It is high time for a change.

There are any number of signs that we weren’t meant to live this way.

As a Church we must grab a hold of the rest that is available only in Christ. We have available to us in Jesus a rhythm of the life abundant. We can mark the passing of time along with the ancients, and slow down to a healthier habit of living. We hope to put this abundant life into practice during Lent this year as we work through a book by John Mark Comer, called “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry” as he guides us into the scriptures and a deeper sense of the sacred. Utilizing study support provided through rightnow MEDIA, and focused attention on Sunday mornings, we will follow Christ into the spiritual disciplines that He himself practiced, fully trusting that He has our best in mind. We invite each of you into this study as all members of the Vista community have a free subscription to rightnow MEDIA available to them, along with the book study guide, and can be a part of a VGroup which will intentionally work its way through the study.

How It Works

1. Sign up for a FREE rightnow MEDIA account HERE. There are videos and study guides for each chapter!

2. JOIN a group, LEAD a group or INVITE others to join you! Contact Adam Heath for more information or fill out the group interest form. Buy a book to go even deeper!

3. Follow along with the Vista teaching team each Sunday beginning February 26th and discuss with your group.

A Still Small Voice

Pastor Adam sets the scene for our upcoming all-church study, which will follow John Mark Comer's book, "The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry".

Teaching Schedule

Here's a glimpse at what we'll be studying on Sunday mornings!

If you're reading the book, check out the reading schedule for each week to stay up to date! It's up to you if you want to read the material before or after the Sunday sermon.

FEB 26 • Introduction (pages 1-60)

MAR 5 • The Case for the Unhurried Life (pages 61-118)

MAR 12 • Silence + Solitude (pages 119-142)

MAR 19 • Sabbath (pages 143-176)

MAR 26 • Simplicity (pages 177-218)

APR 2 • Slowing (pages 219-258)