Aim Low
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Humility is at the core of how the world works.

Sermon Application Questions

  • What’s the greatest thing you’ve ever known someone to do (a normal person; someone with whom you are at least an acquaintance?)
    • Why was it great or why did you consider it so good/great?
  • Have you ever done something you know/felt was great (or very good) and you never told anyone about it?…you never got the credit, or you were never adequately recognized or rewarded?
    • Don’t bring it up here. Instead, talk a bit about how that felt.
  • What sorts of things (people, actions, attitudes, events) did Jesus consider great?
  • Assume we have only a worldly definition for greatness. Have a discussion with others where you imagine, consider, describe and empathize with the path…the life, career, relationships, attitudes, and logical conclusion…of a hypothetical person.
  • What was the greatest thing Jesus ever did?

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