The Spirit
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If the Holy Spirit is alive in you, will he be evident and working in the lives of others?

Sermon Application Questions

  • Recount a fun or urgent time when you had to try to communicate with a person who was deaf or who spoke a different language. Can you remember some of what had to happen in order to communicate?
  • If you were to actively try to listen for the Holy Spirit (or God’s voice), how would that look?
  • And how would you know if you did hear from the Holy Spirit?
  • Can you remember a time when you did (or had a sense that you might have heard God’s voice)?
  • What questions do you have, or what guidance do you need from God?
  • What would keep you from asking for those things…maybe even for a few months if necessary?
  • If not a friendship or group you’re already a part of, who could you ask to walk with you on the journey listening for God?
  • Consider these additional questions.

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