Northwest Facility

5626 Frantz Rd.

The Summer of 2021, we started a process to purchase a 40,000sqft property along Frantz Rd, Dublin, OH – the first permanent location for the NW part of the Vista congregation. By the Fall of ‘21 we had to let the purchase contract go, but we were shocked to have regained it 3 months later at a reduced price of $2M. As an additional encouragement and confirmation, our giving commitments climbed putting us within range to move forward.

On April Fool’s Day 2022, less than two weeks prior to closing, we learned of a zoning issue that would require six months to resolve, as of Sep 26th, 2022. By the grace and provision of Christ, city zoning approval, funding, and completed drawings, we closed on October 13, 2022! With thankful hearts we are looking forward to what God has prepared for us with…

  • Our first permanent worship and gathering space in the Northwest
  • An increased capacity to reach the next generation for Christ
  • Space to co-locate with other gospel-centered ministries and churches

For the People of God, ups & downs and uncertainties are evidence of God who often works through trouble and trials to build character and faith. We never know all that lies ahead, but what we do know for sure is that we are safely in God’s hands, and that we will continue on this path of faith – for the glory of God and the good of others until God directs us otherwise.



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