Our Partners

Together, we can reach more and reach further.

Our Aim

Our aim is to broaden and deepen our understanding and experience of God through relationships with indigenous pastors (churches) and partners who are following Jesus and advancing the Kingdom of God in their corner of the world.

Local Partnerships

Bloom: A Free Store

Born as a ministry of Vista, and led by Pastor Justin Bradshaw, Bloom: A Free Store is a non-profit serving families with young children in Columbus and surrounding areas. Its goals are to aid in the flourishing of families and to create a supportive community for families by connecting people, providing basic needs, and sharing resources.

J. Jireh Development Corporation

Led by Dr. Norman Brown, JJDC is a faith-based non-profit organization, with a holistic approach to serving individuals + families, and responding to the needs of the Near Eastside of Columbus community.

Since 2010, the mission of JJDC is to improve the quality of life in the East Main Street community through housing + economic development, planning, coordinating of services, and other community-building activities.

Collegiate Church Network

The Collegiate Conference is designed to be one of the most inspiring, relationally deepening, team strengthening experiences of the year for our churches. It is intended for those in the Collegiate Church Network who are already on staff, considering working on staff, or those in other churches who are passionate about church for the next generation.