Kim was born and raised in Columbus.  She spent some time at both Ohio State and Franklin University studying finance.  Kim has been married to Brian for 27 years and they have a 16-year-old daughter, Kara.  Kim is a big fan of dogs (she has two), flowers, cooking, getting away, coffee, football, fall, lists and details.  Especially lists and details!  She also enjoys a good piece of salmon on the grill!

It’s her attention to details and gift of administration that makes her the ideal Ministry Support Director.  In this role, she and her team take care of all the details! This team is affectionately known as “The MIST” (The Ministry Support Team) who are like the mist – they’re everywhere, all the time, supporting and saturating all things with the moisture of heaven in a million droplets of detail!


Kim has been with Vista since its start in 2007.  She and Brian were part of the original launch team all those years ago!