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Special Note from Pastor Tammy

Welcome to the Vista Worship community. We are glad you’re here. We’re also excited for the Jesus in you. We believe that each of us are an integral part of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12) and we are called to help each other while we serve our amazing God.

King David had some amazing insight. As someone who sought after the Lord, he knew how to reach the heavens. How do we worship? How do we serve? Live in God’s fullness?

He tells us here…

  • GIVE
  • SING
  • TELL
  • SEEK

My hope is that you can experience an exchange. As you serve Jesus and His body with your giftings and abilities, you will grow in personal relationship with Christ, and have a greater understanding of His love, power and purpose for your life.

Thank you for your willingness to serve; reaching more, reaching further. It starts with you.

—Tammy Botkin

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  • Commitment.
  • Supporting the staff, leadership and vision of Vista Community Church to promote unity.
  • Regular attendance of weekly services and periodic gatherings.
  • Giving of time, tithes and giftings in response to the Word.
  • Regular attendance of weekly rehearsals when scheduled, and monthly team meetings.