Aim for Great: Set Your Sights On Him

What’s the greatest thing you can accomplish in your lifetime? Most of us aren’t shooting for mediocrity, yet many of us are fearful of that trajectory. Who wouldn’t want to be great or have a great impact if they could?

We shouldn’t waste an ounce of energy and we should prayerfully consider what, when, where and how to add value to the purposes of God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. You can make an impact, and probably will. You will accomplish something, maybe a ton. You will be remembered, but for what? Will it be great?

What is the greatest thing a Christian can accomplish? The bible says we exist for the primary purpose of bringing glory to God. One of the believer’s primary responsibilities, deepest joys and greatest accomplishments is to point to Jesus…aim at the greatness of Him.

With our very lives and all of our resources, we have the high honor and privilege of aiming beyond ourselves and bearing witness to our savior.

What’s the greatest thing you can accomplish with your life? Aim at the greatness of God. Point to Jesus.